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Release Date:
Rating: 8.5
Directed by
Jessica M. Thompson
Written by
Blair Butler, Colin Trevorrow
Based on
Stephen Saracco, Christine Grace Szarko, András Korcsmáros, Scott Alexander Young, Elizabeth Counsell, Carol Ann Crawford, Jeremy Wheeler, Kata Sarbó, Courtney Taylor, Virág Bárány, Nathalie Emmanuel, Thomas Doherty, Stephanie Corneliussen
Germany, United States of America, United Kingdom
Screen Gems, Mid Atlantic Films
English, Français, Polski, Deutsch, svenska, Español, Pусский, български език, Italiano, Português, ozbek, 한국어/조선말, Slovenčina, ελληνικά, Український, Magyar, עִבְרִית, Nederlands, 普通话, Português, ქართული

At first, the famous director Sam Raimi was involved in the horror film "The Invitation", and he was helped with the script by Robert Tapert, whose popular works include, for example, "Xena the warrior princess". But due to scheduling problems, they had to abandon the project, which was conceived as a modern reimagining of Bram Stoker's Dracula.

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The Invitation Instead, Jessica M. Thompson, for whom The Invitation is only her second feature film after 2017's romantic drama Moonlight, was tapped to direct. We will tell you in the review below how successfully she managed to implement the initial idea.

The Invitation main character of the film is the girl Ivy (Natalie Emmanuel). Shortly before the beginning of the story, she became an orphan due to the death of her mother. Ivy's father died when she was still a child. She allegedly has no more relatives. However, the girl undergoes a newfangled advanced DNA test and it turns out that she also has a cousin Oliver (Hugh Skinner) from Great Britain.

At the meeting, Oliver invites the heroine to a luxurious wedding at an estate in Britain, in order to get to know her relatives at the same time. And after her arrival, the owner of the estate - the aristocrat Walter (Thomas Doherty) immediately draws attention to Ivy.

Want to Watch ‘JThe Invitation?’ Here’s How to Stream the New ‘Invitation’ Movie Online

The film's problems start at the trailer stage. After all, it will spoil almost the entire plot, leaving no room for imagination. This is a very strange decision in itself. After all, even the first two thirds of "The Invitation" desperately try to confuse the viewer with their genre uncertainty. The trailer kills those attempts instantly.

This is not about some kind of excessive complexity, which horror films sometimes like to attract to themselves. The authors of the film didn't seem to know what they wanted to focus the viewer's attention on. Until the final act, "The Invitation" tries to be horror, romance, drama and a social statement about closed communities and racial divisions within old families at the same time.

Only the romantic component can show at least something expressive from all this. But this is understandable if you remember the experience of the director. Everything else feels like too tired bustle, which does not carry any load for consciousness. Some scenes change to others without any clear intentions. Because of this, the primary emotion during most of the viewing is unpleasant surprise.

And this is surprising, considering that in the same "Dracula" by Bram Stoker, at the level of subtexts, a rather strong semantic load is hidden, at least about incest and sexually transmitted diseases. The authors of "Invitation" also seemed to want to say something similar with subtexts, but it didn't work out.

The Invitation story of the film, starring Nathalie Emmanuel and Thomas Doherty, is inspired by Dracula.

Even the obvious trope of the modern American woman in British society, full of traditions and nuances, is very quickly forgotten here. And the aforementioned lack of expressive accents in the script is to blame for this.

The horror component, which was supposed to be the main character in the film, also suffers because of this approach. There is no truly scary moment in "The Invitation". And in the finale, horror is replaced by action, and quite mediocre.

And therefore it is not clear to whom the film can be recommended. Lovers of romantic stories will be uncomfortable because of regular, albeit not very successful, attempts to scare. Horror fans have absolutely nothing to do here. As a reimagining of Dracula, the film just doesn't work. As a result, the general assortment of genres turned out to be too faded to attract at least with its multifaceted combination.

The level of development of the film is perfectly characterized by just one tie. In the "Invitation" universe, there is a state-of-the-art DNA test that notifies relatives of your existence in case of need, and shows a complete family tree. Quite an unusual moment.

What is further in the plot, with the exception of one fleeting moment that does not affect the overall picture in any way, is not used. That is, the authors, trying to come up with a normal connection, reached an overcomplicated solution that does not fit in with the other elements of the picture. And so with almost everything in "Invitation".

It was the lowest box office in 15 months, although it cost the production company Sony only 10 million dollars. After two auspicious months like June and July, August was disappointing in terms of Hollywood film collections, noted Variety magazine.

"The reviews are bad," Franchise Entertainment Research analyst David A. Gross said of The Invitation, "but that's not necessarily a deterrent" in the horror genre.

Here's Where to Watch and Stream ‘The Invitationn’

In second place, up one spot from last weekend, with $5.6 million in revenue, is Sony's fellow action thriller Bullet Train, in which Brad Pitt takes a journey aboard a packed train. of assassins.

Third was Universal Pictures' action-adventure film Beast with $4.9 million. Idris Elba plays a recently widowed man who takes his daughters on safari.

The Invitation grossed 4.8 million in its 14th week, ranking fourth at the box office.

But last weekend's main movie, Dragon Ball, seems to have crashed. Since its premiere, its income fell 78%, to 4.6 million dollars, being in fifth place at the box office.

They complete the list of the 10 highest-grossing films DC League of Super Pets (with 4.2 million dollars), Three thousand years waiting for you (2.9 million), The Minions 2: Once upon a time Gru (2.7 million), Thor: Love and Thunder (2.7 million) and Where the Crabs Sing (2.3 million).

Horror movie "The Invitation" needed just $7 million to finish first in U.S. and Canadian theaters, even though it was the weakest weekend of the summer, according to studio estimates released Sunday.

Directed and co-written by Jessica M. Thompson and starring "Game of Thrones" star Nathalie Emmanuel, "The Invitation" tells the story of a young woman who, after the death of her mother, discovers dark secrets in her father's house. family in the English countryside.

Although it does not arrive in our country until September 16, this weekend the vampire film THE INVITATION directed by Jessica M.Thompson was released in the United States.

Is 'The Invitation' Streaming on HBO Max or Netflix?

The Invitation film has achieved No. 1 in the American box office achieving 7 million dollars. It is not a very high amount, but if we take into account that its budget was only 10 million dollars, it will be a profitable film for Sony Pictures.

Following the death of her mother and being left with no known relatives, Evie (Nathalie Emmanuel) takes a DNA test…and discovers a distant cousin she never knew she had.

Invited by her newly found new family to a lavish wedding in the English countryside, she soon finds herself seduced by the sexy aristocratic host, only to find herself embroiled in a survival nightmare as she uncovers the twisted secrets in her family's history and the unspeakable intentions behind his sinful generosity.

The horror film has barely managed to add about $7M in its first 3 days in theaters, a figure in the lower part of the expected range but it is enough to get number one.

It is a premiere The Invitation to that of other films such as Underwater or You are the Next.

Written by Blair Butler (Polaroid, Hell Fest: Evil Games) and Jessica M. Thompson, who is making her first foray into the horror genre having directed episodes of "The End" (2020), the film is an odd combination of "Ready or Not” of 2019 and vampire sects.

Following the death of her mother and with no other known relatives, Evie (Nathalie Emmanuel) takes a DNA test. And discovers a long-lost cousin she didn't know she had. Invited by her new family to a lavish wedding in the English countryside, she is initially seduced by the sexy aristocratic host, but soon finds herself thrust into a nightmare of survival as she discovers the wicked secrets of her family's history and the disturbing intentions of her family. that hide behind their sinful generosity. Although the advance shows much more to get an idea.

6 8/ 10stars
Rating: IMDb  / 8.5

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